Health Bear is finding its way onto grocery store shelves in California. Because we study the grocery industry so closely, here are some cool grocery store trends you should know about.

                            Dining IN?

2023 is predicted to be a year where Americans are spending more money in the grocery stores than at restaurants.  Combatting record increases in food prices with more in-home dining …sounds like a welcomed idea… if you enjoy cooking and find yourself in pleasant company! Grocery store buyers are searching for emerging and exciting brands to stock on their shelves for your at-home enjoyment. Keep a watchful eye at your favorite grocery store for new additions.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Convenience is King

Another expected trend to continue to grow in 2023 is the continued growth of ‘convenience foods’. Health Bear Fits the category to a T. It was not longer than a decade or two ago we equated  ‘convenience food’ with funky frozen TV dinners and questionable canned meats.  Gone are the days people are making sauces from scratch when we have authentic Italian Marinara ready with the twist of a lid. Thank you grocery executives for bringing us awesome, healthy conveniences!

              Modernizing Savings

The third grocery trend to watch for is the return to coupon. If you are interested in cutting grocery costs, don’t forget this time-tested technique. We all remember our Grandmothers cutting coupons out of the newspaper on the kitchen table growing up, right?! Now-A-Days, check out your grocery store’s website to find coupons before you head out.

Photo by Dillon Wanner on Unsplash

No scissors required – download and save. For Health Bear friends living in the Bay Area: Check out to find great deals AND you will find Health Bear on the shelf!







Fun Fact: According to Credit Donkey, 57% of female shoppers collect coupons compared to 41% of men. Come on guys! Get to saving with your gal pals!

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