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Today Health Bear delivered a wide assortment of pantry goods including 50 cups of Health Bear Oat Porridge, 100 pounds of fruit, $200 in grocery store gift cards, $50 in Target gift cards and $25 in Starbucks gift cards to House of Hope. Jan Yount, the director of the House of Hope, was very appreciative. They are serving more people in need than ever before.

Many Silicon Valley families live pay check to pay check and can’t survive for long when the rug is pulled out from under them.

I am grateful to Jan for the work her team does. The house is small, but mighty. It is kept as organized and clean as a doctor’s office. Jan’s concern remains with the people she helps, which is indicated by her tight rules for cleanliness and keeping the environment free from COVID-19. “Many people we help are medically fragile”, she explained. All volunteers working there were wearing masks and gloves. Our donation quickly hit the shelves and refrigerator in preparation for it to be given to a family in need.

Many of her clients have never faced food insecurity before the COVID crisis. Many come in feeling hopelessness and fear. They are welcomed with respect and love by the team. Much needed fellowship continues while respecting the social distancing rules. Those who come to House of Hope for food leave with their hearts as full as their grocery bags.

Thank you to the many members of the community that gave the gift of food and love to our very first 

‘Fund and Food Raiser’.

Health Bear believes everyone deserves access to nutrient rich food. It was with great pleasure and pride we helped facilitate this for those in need. Together we will get past this horrific crisis if we continue to see and assist those who are in need. Sending love and light!