Reduce for Earth Day

Health Bear embraces Earth Day with a wide-open bear hug. Our mission is To make the world a more sustainable and equitable planet for all living things through plant based food. SO… Earth Day is a big day for us. Health Bear is made of 100% plant ingredients- which is easy for your body and the planet to digest.

You know the slogan: Reduce Reuse and Recycle.  As a consumer, overwhelmed thinking of going as package-free as possible until I talked to Meredith, a Low Waste Specialist and owner of Ethos in Santa Cruz, CA and Downtown Los Gatos, CA.

I felt overwhelmed when I began to think of going as ‘low waste’ as possible… so I asked Meredith,  “When the journey of going low waste begins, many  feel overwhelmed. What is your advice for getting started living a low waste lifestyle?”

Meredith replies, “Start small.  It’s easy to start viewing your household through a low-waste lens and begin to see just how much may needs to be changed. In order to make these sustainable changes, you have to take it one small step at a time. You may also find that there is some trial and error involved in finding what works for you or your family. That’s ok. Go easy on yourself and know that even if you make small changes that these add up to create a big impact”.


Out of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, our new favorite is REDUCE thanks to small business operations like Ethos who can help us take one small step at a time to reduce waste and add new earth-friendly habits into daily life.  For me, I started simply with a no waste toothpaste and compostable, refillable dental floss. Second step was buying my laundry detergent from Ethos. I have the zero waste detergent in a coffee mug in my laundry room!

This Earth Day, head to Ethos if you are in the South Bay Area or find a low-waste store near you. Not many options?  Visit

Meet Meredith: Owner of Ethos Santa Cruz & Los Gatos.

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