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Mike Acker, Coordinator of Sustainability, Health Bear

We are excited to announce our executive team has expanded to include a Coordinator of Sustainability! Mike Acker of San Diego, CA, accepted the position. He will be guiding Health Bear to ensure environmentally-conscious decisions on everything from packaging to transportation and ingredient sourcing. At its core, Health Bear was founded on the concepts of sustainability by being a plant based product. Health Bear is committed to helping to reduce our carbon footprint as we bring you fun, healthy, and delicious food!


Mike’s background is in sustainable design and energy rating for the built environment. He uses his expertise to guide homeowners in making green choices when remodeling or adding companion units (ADUs) to their homes. He is a LEED-certified Green Associate and is passionate about making a difference in our communities. We are thrilled to have Mike on board as we strive to create happy, healthy, and vibrant communities – one family at a time!

Opportunities to make a positive impact are all around us. A collective effort is what will take to turn the tide. You can count on Health Bear to do our part.