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Health Bear partners with Go Red for Women, the American Heart Association’s in the fight for women’s heart health.   “Diabisity” is a new, unofficial term used to describe the combination of diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately, the condition is seen in populations across the globe and the ill-effects on the body is a real danger for those afflicted. The duo of closely related conditions increases your risk of Heart Disease: the #1 killer in the US.

Here at Health Bear, our aim is to bring healthy and super tasty food options to your table to help you make food choices that leads to greater health. Many of us need to end our toxic relationship with foods that are contributing to our health problems. The rub lies in FOMO (fear of missing out )… no one wants that!  We want super delicious food, not boring and bland food! That is why Health Bear was created: to bring you ‘Fun Fit Food’.

Looking to try some DELICIOUS, heart healthy food? Look for Health Bear at a grocery store near you- check out our store locator on our website! Pick up our convenient, DIABISITY fighting foods!

For those looking to change eating habits, it is difficult , if not impossible to go from enjoying foods laced with high fat and sugar to something along the lines of raw kale salads and wheat grass shots. To help our friends ease into this challenging transition,  we bring you flavorful and extraordinarily healthy oatmeal to help you on your journey. Health Bear is a helping hand leading your out of ‘naughty’ and into ‘nice’ food choices. “This is precisely why we created the fun flavor profiles found in Health Bear Superfood Oats’, says founder Lisa Matar. “Spices, fruits, seeds and nuts are full of flavor! Why muck it up with sugar?”

 The heart in our logo is a reminder of what Fun Fit Food is all about. Offering you healthy food that keeps Diabisity, Heart Disease and FOMO at bay!

Introducing Health Bear’s updated logo!