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Philanthropy is a core value of ours at Health Bear, and using our influence to inspire a more peaceful and equitable world is of paramount importance to us. As a deeply thoughtful and heartfelt company, we have called on Johanna Mahal to be our Director of Philanthropy.

Health Bear’s Coordinator of Philanthropy Johanna Mahal

Johanna will work with Health Bear to bring our attention to the charitable organizations whose objectives match ours. Johanna and founder Lisa Matar will be working side-by-side to find ways to support these profound organizations. We look forward to donating Health Bear Food products to auctions, rally Health Bear employees to volunteer, help bring awareness and lend a hand in meaningful ways to support these phenomenal organizations. Thank you Johanna for your wisdom and passion to spark change! Welcome to the team.

Starting off our philanthropic work with a bang, Johanna and Lisa supported the ‘Pop a Cork’ event on May 12th, 2022 at the Mohi Vineyards in Morgan Hill, CA which benefited Kneeded Culinary Academy of Gilroy, CA., a culinary school for underprivileged youth in California’s South Bay Area. This extraordinary program trains youth to be proficient kitchen employees, giving them the opportunities to flourish and grow in the world of food service and cuisine.  Additionally, the staff works with the students to show them the value of loving themselves;  entire mind body and soul. What enormous hope and promise is given to these students through this incredible program! Thank you for all you do, Kneaded Culinary Academy.

If you would like to nominate a non profit organization for Health Bear to support, please reach out to Johanna at