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Show the teachers some FUN FIT FOOD love!

It is especially meaningful for us to run this deep discount for Teacher Appreciation Week: BOGO on 12 packs being sent to schools anywhere in the US. That is 24 cups of quick prep, supercharged  breakfasts in the hands of America’s best! This is a once-in-a year opportunity to stock the teacher’s lounges with healthy, tasty and convenient treats is here. Your teachers will feel the Fun Fit Food love!

24 cups Superfood Oatmeal for only $30!

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Use code ThankATeacher for BOGO on 12 packs

Here at Health Bear, we love teachers. Founder Lisa Matar’s mother was an elementary school educator for 30 years. She watched her momma work long hours starting at 6am and going until 6pm five days a week. Quickly prepared, healthy breakfasts helped. Then there were the weekends- more work to do. She did it with a smile knowing she was a meaningful influencer on her kids.

This year May 6th is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Our gratitude is LEGIT. During the time spent in quarantine, parents stepped in to fill the role of teacher to give their children a chance to keep learning at home.   They learned it takes tremendous patience, creativity, and commitment to be a teacher. Now parents across the globe truly understand and value our educators. Its time again to say, “Thank You”!

Teacher Appreciation Day is a chance for us to appreciate not only the classroom teachers, but sports coaches, gymnastic teachers, swim teachers, horseback riding teachers, foreign language teachers etc…  all of those extra experiences enrich our kids’ lives and mold them into the exceptional adults our society needs. The world would be quite different without these heroes in it. Use this week as a time to thank them too. We will honor the BOGO promo to all teachers.

Have a Fun Fit Day!

HB Founder’s Mother, Retired Teacher Kay “Erb” Dirks