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Thank you neighbors and friends! Our joined effort collected 100 pounds of produce, $75 in Target Gift Cards and a bounty of pantry goods. We received 40 eggs from our friends with back yard chickens. We “sold” a handful of them which reaped $50 in cash donations, leaving many more organic eggs to share with House of Hope.

For me personally, today was one of the best days I have had in since the lock-down. Leading up to today, I kept telling my 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son all about the House of Hope and how I wanted to help.  We worked on making and posting signs together, and told neighbors to prepare donations. From 12-3’oclock today, we played out in the front yard and waited for the donations to roll in. It was incredible to watch the continuous stream of friendly faces stop over with fruit and pantry goods. What a treat to see friends, neighbors and complete strangers with donations in hand. It was more joy than I had felt in a while.

Seeing the need and doing something by calling out to friends and neighbors led me feel like I was participating in a solution. What nice change from the feeling of hopelessness that has haunted me for the past month!  Let’s continue to band together to #dosomething. There is no other way to conquor this than with love! Let’s keep going. We’ve got this!

What can you do today to be part of a solution?