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I love to workout and have been working up a sweat regularly since I was in college. For me, a good workout that I feel proud of would be something like an hour of strength training in the gym, a peloton ride for 30 minutes, an outdoor bike ride for an hour, a 30 minute jog around my neighborhood, or a long trail hike in the California countryside. When finished with any of these workouts, I always feel accomplished. My post-workout, victorious glow began to fade when I learned there are regular women among us who are in fact bad-ass athletes who can run long distances. And by that, I am talking FAR.

Health Bear Oat Porridge has become a go-to post workout meal for Susan, a Los Gatos woman who runs marathons and ultra marathons and stays on top of her game by running over 60 miles per week. She takes recovery 1-2 days a week by going for an easy jog or walk or cross training. Her time and distance goals are measured against her runs that are never fewer than 10 miles a day. The ultimate measure of her accomplishments are identified during her marathons and fifty mile ultra marathons. Health Bear is flattered to be a part of her success!

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Susan to learn how she continues living this incredible lifestyle year after year. Afterwards, I felt motivated to pick up my game and I hope this will do the same for you.

HB: “What do you typically eat and drink before/after your workouts”?

SUSAN: “Before I run, I have a large glass of water, a 1/2 of cup of coffee and a few bites of a protein bar. If I am doing a marathon or an ultra marathon then I have Oatmeal. After my workout, I have a small Chocolate protein drink. Then within an hour I have breakfast which is typically a banana and your Blueberry Almond with Lemon Oat Porridge. Sometimes I go for nonfat plain yogurt with lots of blueberries and almonds…  walnuts too. Always a banana with almond butter”.

HB: “How does your ‘Long Distance Running Group’ work? Is it for only running or do you socialize too? Do you run together?”

SUSAN: “When the group I run with runs, we socialize always during the runs!!

HB: “What other workouts do you do aside from running”?

SUSAN: “Besides running, I do strength training classes 2-3 times a week  Plus daily walks in my day for a break from working a lot.  The walks are super short just to stretch out a bit”!

HB: “Do you run marathons? Triathlons”?

SUSAN: “I do not do any triathlons at all. I do marathons at least one a year- I have 8 under my belt and I have done 9 ultra marathons”. (Ultra marathons are 50 miles long people, 50 miles!)

HB: “What is your favorite Health Bear Oat Porridge”?

SUSAN: “My favorite Porridge from you is the Blueberry Almond with Lemon!! Love it.”

HB: “Is Health Bear a better pre or post workout fuel”?

SUSAN: “Your Oatmeal is the best ever to eat after a run. But many like to eat it before. After is the best”!

HB: “Why do you favor our product”?

SUSAN: “Super easy to answer! The healthy ingredients. It is satisfying after a long run. Add some fresh blueberries and you are set! It fills you up and its super healthy, simply put, it’s good for you”!

Again, we are flattered to play a small role in Susan’s success as a long-distance runner. Pick up a 4 pack sampler of Oat Porridge today and let us know how you use our product as fuel to channel your inner athlete!

Thank you Susan for the inspiration. I think I will go for a jog… for 3 miles or maybe 4.