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Looking for a new trick to achieve your weight loss goals this year? I researched the powerhouse health ingredients I put in Oat Porridge when I designed it and found 4 ingredients in particular that will help achieve your weight goals for 2020.

Each flavor of Oat Porridge contains what I have called, “The Omega Mix”… Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Hemp Hearts and Oats- then I flavored each with fruits, spices, seeds or nuts. The Omega Mix is a blend of superfoods that help you achieve healthy weight loss with FIBER. Diets high in fiber have been linked to weight loss.


Chia Seeds contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is known to stabilize blood sugar, helping your achieve a healthy weight.

Flax Seeds are another ingredient rich in fiber. Feeling fuller longer suppresses the appetite- which leads to a reduction of over-all calorie intake.

Hemp Seeds are also rich in fiber and a known natural appetite suppressant- again, helping you feel fuller longer and reduce hunger pangs.

Oats Controlling your weight with the fiber in oats is a winning bet. The fiber content of oats keep your digestive system firing efficiently, aiding in your weight loss efforts.

A word of wisdom, while enjoying the benefits of a high fiber diet, please remember to drink plenty of water. Without proper hydration, you may find your body having difficulty processing the fiber and can result in cramps and constipation.

Health Bear wishes all of you a HAPPY and HEALTHY new year! We are honored to be part of your wellness journey, bringing Oat Porridge to you in 2020. We are excited to show up for you with a breakfast that gets you out the door with a hot meal in hand… keeping you humming along at full speed and a full tummy until lunch. Give us a try

A new year begins and renewed proclamations of health and wellness are made. Not only a new year, but a new decade is before us, an opportunity to turn the page and progress towards better versions of ourselves.