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Hello Healthy Bears…

We have found 6 Oatmeal add-ins to boost flavor while supporting your mission to be healthy. What better way to start this practice than with the first meal of the day? Over the years, we have discovered there are many amazing ingredients that can be added to oatmeal to up the nutrition, flavor and texture of your go-to oatmeal recipe. Here are some of our favorite add-in’s.

Peanut Butter: Many diet conscious folks are afraid to indulge in a spoon of peanut butter for the fear of adding too many calories. In reality, peanut butter is a great tool to curb hunger. Adding two absolutely delicious tablespoons of peanut butter adds just 180 calories and will guarantee to curb hunger throughout the day. If calories are a legitimate concern, try Powdered Peanut Butter. You get the protein benefits without the calories.


Banana: Too many dark polka dots? Do not fear and especially… do not throw them out! Throw them into your pot of oats instead. This wonder fruit will melt into your oats giving it a velvety texture and add natural sweetness. Bananas are famous for being a potassium powerhouse which is critical for heart health. Another amazing benefit to adding bananas is the satiation… your tummy will not start growling until well after the lunch hour.

Cream Cheese: Health Bear’s newest flavor is ‘Everything Bagel’. Just as you would expect, this flavor features a savory blend of sesame and poppy seeds, garlic and onion. A hot bowl of oatmeal flavored with these spice cabinet staples topped with a spoon full of cream cheese and a dusting of sea salt will have your brain wondering, “Is this oatmeal I am tasting or a fabulous toasted bagel with cream cheese’? We have yet to try adding lox, but let us know if you have!!

Frozen Berries: Next time your berries are turning a little soft, stash them in your freezer. When your oats are piping hot, toss them in the pot to defrost and ‘melt’ into your oats. The flavor and color will permeate your oatmeal- adding natural sweetness and an added boost of vitamins!

Seeds and Nuts: You can do just as Health Bear- add chia, ground flax and hemp seeds to the foundation of your recipe. These powerhouse seeds add Plant-Based Omega 3’s and fiber to your mix.  Don’t forget to use ‘ground’ flax meal… alternatively, the whole seeds will just pass through your system without allowing the fiber and Omega 3’s to get a chance to get in your bod.

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla: You do not need to add sugar when you can add spices! You will notice we did not make any suggestions to add any sugar to your oatmeal. If you take us up on some of these suggestions, you can flavor your oats with real ingredients that can up your nutrition and flavor without sacrificing the healthy nature of these amazing oats!

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