Gift Guide for the Hard-to-Buy-For


Health Bear’s Guide for the Hard-to-Buy-For

Think of the details that describe your friend and you will find the perfect gift.

Health Bear is made just for them!


Your Female Friend Owns her Own Business: Women love supporting women in business. Health Bear is woman founded and owned. Grab Health Bear as a gift and feel good you are supporting a female entrepreneur!

Photo Credit: Unsplash Mateus Campos Felipe

Your Friend is a Meat-Head:  Your friend is working their physique on the daily. Protein is his/her BFF. With 10-12 G of plant based protein and no added sugar, they will love to have Health Bear stocked in the pantry!


Photo Credit Hayley Kim Studios

Your Friend is a Tree Hugging Vegan: Your buddy is defiantly looking for breakfast options. Most of the other oatmeal on the shelf do not have added plant protein, are packed with sugar and skipped out on the superfoods. Show your friend you care by bringing them Health Bear, a perfectly balanced vegan breakfast!


Your Friend is Always in a Hurry: A mom/dad struggling to get the kids to school before the bell? A busy professional who has a nasty habit of hitting the snooze?  Health Bear is packaged in a single serve cup, ready to prep quickly and head out the door in a minute.

Photo Credit: Norbert Braun

Your Friend’s Poop Gets Stuck:  Show your friend you care about the painful reality they struggle with. Health Bear Original Superfood Oatmeal is highest in fiber with 12 grams of fiber per cup. This is 20% of daily recommended fiber. Don’t be a prude: upwards of 1/3 of Americans suffer from painful constipation, so let’s get real. Dietary fiber moves the poop!

Your Friend is Obsessed with the Environment: Factory farms processing animal protein are playing a large role in adding carbon to the atmosphere. Acknowledge your friend’s efforts by bringing them a thoughtful gift of Health Bear.

Photo Credit: Li An Lim


Good luck out there for your holiday shopping! Remember, you are a thoughtful and loving human and you will indeed find the perfect gifts this holiday season. Enjoy the journey and remember, the destination is giving! If you want to give Health Bear, find us in store or shop online: