Summer Festival Season is HERE


Festival Season is Here!

Events that support our mission:

“To make the world a more sustainable and equitable planet for all living things through plant based food”.


Health Bear LOVES summer! This is our time to get in front of people who are on the hunt for plant based, convenient, sugar free, high protein and delicious breakfast/ snack foods.  It is awesome to have the chance to introduce people to Protein Oatmeal in their hometowns where grocery stores nearby stock us year round.

Over the next couple of months, we plan on hitting the road and showing up at festival events all throughout the state of California. You will find us sharing our amazing plant based convenience foods at the following locations:

June 3, June 4th: Sacramento Vegan Food Festival

June 18th: Juneteenth in Berkeley

September 3, September 4: Bizerkeley Food Festival

September 9, September 10th: Mountain View Art and Wine Festival

It has been easy for us to find events in California’s Bay Area but want to stretch our arms across the whole state. If you know of an annual event in your area where you can picture Health Bear presenting and selling Protein Oatmeal, fill out the form below and we will look into joining you!! Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Instagram for festival additions and updates.