ReUse Pollution Into Art

Turning Pollution into Art

Part of Health Bear’s mission is to bring awareness around environmentally conscious work. We have found the ultimate “RE-USE” effort to share with you this Earth Day. Health Bear applauds Ocean Sole, a non profit organization employing Kenyan artists who gather discarded flip-flops and plastic off African beaches to create cool, contemporary animal sculptures. These artisans are re-using in a way that combines both clean up and repurposing in a most creative and spectacular way.

Discarded flip flops are turned into expressive animal sculptures by a force of over 900 staff and artists living along the African coastline. It is incredible to realize this phenomenal practice is cleaning up plastic debris, bringing awareness around ocean pollution, preserving the seas and employing creatives in Kenya. The nonprofit is removing over 2,000 tons of flip flops a week out of the Oceans!

Are you shopping for a meaningful gift for an animal lover, environmentalist or art collector? Support this incredible effort by shopping at Ocean Sole.