Healthy, Happy New Year

Happy New Year Healthy Bears! Small changes can make a big impact. When positive changes bring immediate enhancement to your life, they are likely to stick. So here are 3 simple ideas to help you step into the new year with some fantastic upgrades!


  1. What is something we all have in common?  We all sleep!  Make this year a year of better sleep. Get out there and splurge on some new soft sheets, a fluffy down comforter, a luxe pillow. Invest in the practice of sleep like your life depends on it, because it does! Quality sleep can lead to reduced stress, weight loss and brain performance. During sleep, the processes of repair are in full swing.  Limit screen time, alcohol, caffeine and sugar prior to bed time. Do some research and learn more about sleep- this will give you empowerment to take control over this huge part of your life. Improve your sleep and improve your life.

    Upgrade your bedroom and upgrade your sleep
  2. How shall we avoid making poor food choices? Prepping! Pick up some new glass containers and commit to meal prepping this year. Pick one day a week to you set yourself up for success by arranging meals for the days head. If you have like-minded friends, consider joining a meal prep swap to avoid food boredom. When we are tired and hungry and have few options, bad decisions are likely to follow. Nothing is easier than popping something delicious in the microwave- so to avoid poor eating habits this year, prep in advance. Obviously, be sure you have plenty of  Health Bear Protein Oatmeal in the pantry so breakfast is covered.

    Meal Prep for the Win!
  3. Are you burned out at the thought of making another commitment to exercise this new year? Breathe some new life into your workout by making a choice to exercise al fresco. The best BOGO you can ask for: Your blood will be pumping and, Bonus: you get a pop of high vibrations when you indulge your senses in the goodness of nature. Hop online to find a new trail near by, swim in a lake or the ocean, ride your bike in a scenic location. Re-start your workout routine with an outdoor adventure and allow your mind to wander and ponder the greatness of our world. Health Bear wishes your a happy and healthy 2024! I

    Get outside and get moving!

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Perfect Bootie with this ONE Exercise

Want a Bootie that says POW?

Are you on the hunt for the latest techniques to enhance your fitness journey?  Welcome, Health Bear’s Fit Squad! Our newest member, Sam Abrams is personal trainer to Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers. He is sharing his knowledge with you to help you elevate your routine to the next level.

Personal Trainer Sam Abrams

Want a bootie that says POW? Sam, what is your top trick to build a gorgeous bootie?

What you need to understand is a fitness fundamental… Adduction Exercises.

“Adduction means bringing a limb toward the midline of the body. This joint action occurs every time we take a step, walk up a flight of stairs, or get up off the floor. Adduction exercises can help us do all of these things. It’s not talked about very much, but adduction is also essential to the use of our glutes.  Everyone wants to do abduction exercises, which draw the leg away from the midline, for their glutes, but if the body can’t adduct, it can’t use it’s abductors. This is because muscles like to lengthen before they contract. When we adduct (draw the leg toward the midline), the abductors (muscles that draw the leg away from the midline) are stretched and then, like a rubber band that has been stretched, the adductors want to contract hard to return to their normal length. If the abductors can’t stretch, they can’t really work well. For example if all we do is abduction exercises like band walks and the abduction machine, we might actually limit our ability to train our glutes”. 

What is a good adduction exercise? 

Sumo Squat
Sumo deadlift. In a sumo deadlift, the legs are wider than the hands. The knees are so far away from the midline that the body and the adductors fight to try to bring the legs back toward the midline. As an added benefit, this exercise also works the glutes, and whole leg. 

What types of muscle do adduction exercises work? 
Adduction exercises for the leg would work all of the muscles of the inner thigh. These groin muscles are sometimes referred to collectively as adductors. Adductors are important for stabilizing the knee and hip, protecting the low back, and supporting pelvic floor function, and these functions are essential for walking, getting up and down off the ground, and turning. These muscles also assist in explosive movements like sprinting, jumping, and changing direction so they are essential for athletic performance as well.
What is your #1 favorite exercise to build the bootie?
My favorite abduction exercise is a single leg deadlift with a band around the knees. This exercise is not often seen in commercial gyms but it works wonders for those who have trouble turning on their glutes. The single leg stance forces the abductors to stabilize the pelvis and the band around the knees forces the abductors to pull the leg away from the midline.


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