African Farmers Seeking Assistance for Climate Resilience

Global warming is top of mind as of late, as we see reports of record breaking temperatures dot the globe. The sad truth is, the population emitting the least and destroying the land the least are rural farmers who are attempting to farm the land as their ancestors had before them and sadly realize our planet is becoming too broken farm.

At Health Bear, our vision is ‘To make the world a more sustainable and equitable planet for all living things through plant based food’. Disadvantaged and impoverished farmers are experiencing life in the exact opposite way as our vision states! That is why we give to Opportunity International‘s Agricultural Finance Fund to find ways to assist in developing solutions.

Beginning in August 2023, 2,500 families in Southern Malawi will receive assistance and training to build resilience against climate change with Opportunity International guiding the way. Reducing vulnerability begins with irrigation projects, financial management, regenerative farming and gender equity training. Regenerative Agricultural practices on depleted soil and irrigation, along with implementing contemporary agricultural technologies such as Light Detection ad Radar technologies (LiDAR) will equip farmers with the tools they need to manage the challenge of a changing climate. Next, Opportunity will continue to fortify the farmers by organizing a Village Savings and Loan Association, which offers them financial literacy training and organizes group purchase agreements to further strengthen their positions.

Opportunity has mapped out a multi-year plan to continue to offer lasting change and resilience to climate change for impoverished rural farmers.  This is precisely why Health Bear supports their Agricultural Finance Fund with special events fundraising, speaking engagements and an option for customers to give at checkout at 

There are ways for you to get involved. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Or if you’d prefer, contact Health Bear’s Philanthropic Advisor Johana Mahal at




25 Female African Farmers to Receive Life-Changing Funding


$2,500 Raised to Offer Equitable & Sustainable Change


Health Bear Food Company has a mission. “To make the world a more sustainable and equitable planet for all living things through plant-based food”. With the help of our philanthropic advisor Johanna Mahal, Health Bear was able to facilitate a fundraising event in May 2023 that amassed in $2,500 in donations to be gifted to Opportunity International’s Agricultural Finance Fund. This gift will give 25 women and their families financial services and savings, farming support and access to fair market prices in Africa.

Stefanie Beasley, Chris Laughlin, Lisa Matar, Johanna Mahal
Panel Discussion ‘Local, National & International Women in Food’










How did we do it?! A suggested donation of $50 from each attendee was collected. The first $1,000 was matched by corporate sponsor Synopsys. At the end, $2,500 will be given to the Agricultural Finance Fund!


As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it is awe inspiring to think of the gifts we were able to give to mothers other side of the globe. Hard-working farmers will be given the chance to take their families out of extraordinary poverty into a life of prosperity and hope.

Our mission at Health Bear is coming to fruition and for that, we say THANK YOU to all who contributed during our event. If you would like to join us in contributing to Opportunity International’s Agricultural Finance Fund, follow the link below and give on our website at checkout.